Worlds 2019 – and a story about making things happen

I’ll tell here a story about my first Worlds experience.

After a talk with some friends we (Paola and Georgia) decided we needed the experience of going to a Women’s Worlds.

The championship was in August 2018 in Newport.

In the position of “very lost newbies to an international championship” we contacted the organizer, nothing less than Kathleen Tocke, asking for boat charter arrangements. Shortly after she came with an excellent proposal, (I really don’t know whose idea it was but it fitted us perfectly!) there was this guy that wanted to come to the worlds in Ilhabela, he would lend us his boat and in case he would classify we would lend him ours!

It was a simple and fast forward.

The guy, Arthur Blodgett, got us a boat in Newport for the championship (later I learned he came all the way from Florida to do so!!!!), a beautiful starmarine with light blue deck.

By the end of September I’m going to Ilhabela (we sail at the Guarapiranga reservoir, and it is about 5 hours by car with trailer to go from Guarapiranga to Ilhabela) so that Arthur can sail our Lemão “Pasta BLU” at the worlds.

I was super satisfied with his boat and kindness last year and I really hope he gets happy at the worlds!

Why am I telling this story here?

Because there are still some openings at the worlds (talk to SCIRA to know how it works), and right before the Worlds there will be a regional championship in IlhaBela, the SUL BRASILEIRO, and many Brazilian sailors are going to compete… and will take their boats there… and they may want to make some kind of arrangement…

So if you gave a thought on coming, but still don’t know how… talk to the Brazilians! There is a list here with sailors that want to charter their boats… they probably are open to negotiation, and we may be able to help you too!

(I don’t own more boats to trade, but if I did I certainly would! There is a number of places and championships that I want to go still!!!)

(Could not find an awesome picture of us sailing his boat in Newport, so I stole one picture of his Facebook… just to illustrate that for a coincidence both boats have light blue decks!)

us with Arthur in Newport last year
Pasta BLU – 31102 Lemão
Pasta BLU
Arthur’s boat – 30473 Starmarine

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